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Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Adelaide)

All about Dr Andrew Hinchcliff

When the story of Fullarton Park Dental is written one day, Andrew's contribution will need its own volume all for itself. This beautiful practice that has served the local community is built on the hard work and caring nature of Andrew, and we are all the better for it!

Andrew is full of good-old-fashioned values of care, concern, listening and goes about his work in a gentle way. Respected by all who have had the pleasure of meeting him, Andrew can be found on the weekends tending to his farm in Inman Valley, spending time with his GP wife Deb and their dogs and farm animals. Andrew is partial to a chat about his farm, his strawberry plants, or his four adult sons. Whatever Fullarton Park Dental becomes in the future, it will only be possible because Andrew laid the groundwork that we have been able to build upon.

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Adelaide).
  • Clinical mentor - University of Adelaide Dental Students (previous).
  • Australian Dental Association member - 40+ years.
  • Special interests - Smile enhancement and veneers.

Dr Andrew Hinchcliff has looked after the Dental needs of the Fullarton and Eastern suburbs communities for over thirty years and is a graduate of the University of Adelaide.

Andrew is known and respected by his patients for his thoughtful and caring nature.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Adelaide)

All about Dr Olivia Lien

Olivia is one of a kind - Pet lover, funky sock wearer, occasional Japanese whisky connoisseur - we at Fullarton Park Dental are blessed and fortunate to have her work with us. All these little insights about Olivia didn't all spill out at once though, but rather they've slowly revealed themselves over the time she's worked with us. While Olivia's quiet and genuine nature shines through straight away when you meet her, all the little tidbits that make her interesting might not immediately meet your eye. The thing about Olivia is that she puts her patients at the centre of everything she does and makes you the centre of her working world. Olivia takes pride in looking after you as an individual, providing one of a kind, not one size fits all dental care, and if you happen to find out about her dog named Butters as your rapport grows with each visit, all the better for it!

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Adelaide).
  • Student Achievement Award in Endodontics - American Association of Endodontists.
  • National Finalist for the Australian Society of Endodontology's Undergraduate Essay Competition.
  • Special interests - Aesthetic dentistry and crown, bridge and implant restorations.

Dr Olivia Lien earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery and was also awarded The Student Achievement Award in Endodontics from the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) in 2014. After looking after the oral health needs of communities in Mackay, Sydney, and then later Campbelltown and the Adelaide Hills, Olivia has come to join the Fullarton Park Dental team in 2022.

Whether you’re 2 years old or 102 years old, Olivia is committed to providing a comfortable dental experience. Her emphasis is on conservative and preventative dental care.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Adelaide)

All about Dr Lucas Ktoris

Lucas is our humble and eminently likeable quiet achiever at Fullarton Park Dental. Don't let those dimples fool you, Lucas has a quiet determination to excel at every field of endeavour he turns his attention to! Thankfully for us and his patients, he chose dentistry to turn his hand and mind to as his vocation. An avid tennis player, runner, lifelong learner, kind and thoughtful soul with a robust sense of humour, Lucas strikes the perfect blend of being both well-liked and well-respected by his patients and staff alike. As the resident "young gun" at Fullarton Park Dental, he is across the latest advancements in dentistry and couples the changing face of dentistry with dependable and rock solid fundamentals in his care for his patients.

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Adelaide).
  • Austin Beazley Prize for achieving the highest standard in Oral Medicine and Applied Oral Pathology at University of Adelaide.
  • Special interests - Root Canal Therapy and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr Lucas Ktoris joined Fullarton Park Dental in 2022 and has had a passion for dentistry ever since he was young. His gentle and caring approach helps him relate well to patients and provide good quality dental care. He believes in the importance of spending time with anxious patients to provide a stress-free experience.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (James Cook)

All about Dr Lauryn Attard

Hailing from sugar cane country and having grown up on her family's farm, Dr Lauryn Attard brings her sunny nature and warm Queensland spirit to Fullarton Park Dental. While she misses the tropical weather, Lauryn now calls Adelaide home and her dedication to oral health and community care shines through. When she's not busy at the clinic, you'll find Lauryn indulging in her passion for baking, enjoying leisurely walks, or doting on her British shorthair kitten named Bluey. Lauryn adds a unique touch to the Fullarton Park Dental family, embodying both expertise and a genuine love for her craft.

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (James Cook University)
  • Experience working in three states (Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia) across private and public dental clinics.
  • Focus on conservative and preventative dental care, patient-centric approach.
  • Special interests - General restorative dentistry, fixed prosthodontics.
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Adelaide)

All about Dr Lincoln Fleetwood

For all round connection to Fullarton Park Dental, Lincoln's story is hard to beat! This was his childhood dentist growing up and while studying dentistry many moons ago Lincoln spent time observing Dr Andrew Hinchcliff. Fast forward to today, and with twenty years of experience looking after his own patients in the Barossa Valley the circle has been completed and Lincoln has returned to Fullarton Park Dental - this time as dentist rather than patient. Speaking of the Barossa Valley, if Lincoln was a wine, he'd be a hearty full-bodied red which goes well with everything. Lincoln is a man of many interests and talents, but he’s far too humble to tell you that himself.

Lincoln loves a chat, be it about music, cricket, the plight (good or occasionally bad) of his much loved Adelaide Crows, or many and other varied topics. To put it in really simple terms.… he’s a really nice guy. But don't take our word for it, come and see Lincoln and find out for yourself!

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Adelaide).
  • 20 years+ experience working in general dental practice.
  • Mentorship of new and recent graduate dentists and hygienists as practice principal for 10 years.
  • Special interests - Rebuilding heavily worn teeth and aesthetics.

Dr Lincoln Fleetwood is an accomplished and compassionate dentist who brings over twenty years experience to Fullarton Park Dental. With a passion for providing exceptional dental care, Lincoln is committed to helping patients achieve and maintain oral health while ensuring a comfortable and positive dental experience.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Adelaide)

All about Dr Mimi Kieu

Mimi is a dedicated and compassionate dentist who makes every effort to create a comfortable experience for all her patients. With a genuine passion for both people and dentistry, Mimi ensures each visit is as pleasant and effective as possible. Her warm, empathetic approach and keen attention to detail help build trust among her patients.

Coming from a very large extended family of health practitioners, Mimi truly values and understands the importance of building lasting connections. Outside of the office, you can catch Mimi enjoying a friendly yet competitive game of tennis on the weekends with friends or diving into various creative projects, with a current fixation on crochet.

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Adelaide)
  • Special interests - general restorative dentistry

With an emphasis on the importance of listening to your concerns, Mimi is committed to creating a comfortable experience, understanding that a trip to the dentist can be daunting for many. Her gentle touch and calming demeanour help even the most anxious patients feel at ease.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Adelaide)

All about Dr Greta Filosi

Blessed with the creative eye of her artist father and the critical thinking of her maths teacher mother, Greta merged these inherited skills of art and science into her career as a dentist. In every photo of Greta growing up she seemed to have a paintbrush permanently affixed to her hand…. Creating, drawing, painting, and these skills have translated into her work as a dentist. Greta sees the shapes, shades and possibilities where others just see the raw structures of teeth. With her gentle touch and artistic eye, Greta is well equipped to use her dental tools to sculpt and mould her fillings and dental work into something that resembles - shall we say - a work of art.

Greta’s kind and thoughtful nature make her a patient favourite, and away from dentistry she turns her creative interests to making handmade jewellery (feel free to ask to see some!) and looking after her full-of-beans daughter with her husband Michael.

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Adelaide)
  • Worked in rural and city dental practices in NSW, Tasmania and South Australia
  • Clinical Tutor 3rd year Undergraduate Dental Students - University of Adelaide (previous)
  • Special interests- improving smiles and helping nervous people achieve a healthy mouth

Dr Greta Filosi (Schulz) joined Fullarton Park Dental in 2019 to work with her husband Michael having previously worked at St Marys and interstate. Greta is kind, thoughtful, caring and gentle.

  • Clinical Director
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Adelaide) GradDipBusAdmin (UniSA)

All about Dr Michael Filosi

Michael is a fully-fledged, card-carrying nerd, and he would not have it any other way. He loves to solve hard, interesting, meaningful problems and is ever curious about how to do things better and dive deeper into those areas of life that interest him. A dentist by profession and training, Michael turned a slightly worn-down dental practice with a big heart and great bones into an eight surgery (and counting) facility in the heart of the inner Eastern suburbs of Adelaide. When others zigged, Michael zagged. Forget about hard sells and “pushing” dental treatment on patients, Michael decided that Fullarton Park Dental would focus on looking after people, doing the right thing, and trust that patients would tell their friends and family. Guess what? It worked.

A husband to Greta (also a dentist) and father to a six-year-old daughter, Michael spends his spare time reading and indulging his love of the twin joys of learning and play – be that a board game, a magic trick, a basketball scrimmage with friends, or building a treehouse. Not sure where he is in a crowd? Look for the tallest person in the room, and it is probably Michael.

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Adelaide).
  • Qualification - Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (University of South Australia).
  • Clinical Tutor 3rd year Undergraduate Dental Students - University of Adelaide (previous).
  • Special interests - Dental Extractions and pain diagnosis.

Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from University of Adelaide in 2006, and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Management from University of South Australia. Michael joined Fullarton Park Dental in 2015 and has worked as a general dentist for 16 years in three different states. In 2022 Michael became Clinical Director and is responsible for overseeing the clinical care provided to all of the patients of Fullarton Park Dental.

  • Oral Health Therapist
Bachelor of Oral Health

All about Amy...

Amy is our very own Queen of the Kids at Fullarton Park Dental. There's not a boy or girl in Adelaide who won't leave their appointment with Amy swooning and looking forward to their next visit with her. If they're lucky, they might even get to choose something from Amy's fabled "Treasure Chest" at the end of their appointment.... Did someone say Treasure Chest? Yes, we did. How's that for kid friendly! Make no mistake, behind the bubbly personality lies an earnestness, integrity and deep commitment to providing her patients with the highest level of dental care possible that underpins everything Amy does.

Amy has two fur babies (Dumpling and Dougie) and a soon to be husband Tim. Special talent I hear you ask? Amy has a knock-your-socks-off singing voice, and has performed at plenty of weddings, birthdays and celebrations banging out some favourite tunes with her accompanying guitar.

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Oral Health (University of Adelaide).
  • Worked in paediatrics for 3 years, assisted for complex cases, worked in general anaesthetics at Calvary Hospital and Wakefield Hospital.
  • Special interests - Paediatric (children's) dentistry.

Amy has been an active member of the dental community for the past seven years, starting off as a dental assistant before completing the Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Adelaide. Amy has a true passion for paediatric dentistry, ensuring that children and their families are given the building blocks and tools for achieving the best oral health outcomes.

In addition to paediatrics, Amy has a strong passion for special needs care and strives to create a calm, welcoming environment in which those with alternative needs are well supported.

Bachelor of Oral Health

All about Serena...

Serena is a family girl at heart - a friendly, smiling face always ready to listen and help those around her. Serena has a gentle and caring nature that cuts across everything she does..... The only exception to that being when she gets a bowling ball in her hand at a staff function and her competitive streak gets dialled up to an 11 out of 10! Serena has a super positive attitude and is always willing to give things a try, be it Ten Pin bowling (she won by the way!) or hiking up Mt Lofty with her fiance. We feel very fortunate to have Serena keeping the teeth and gums of her patients in tip-top shape!

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Oral Health (University of Adelaide).
  • 10+ years experience working in general dental practice.
  • Special interests - Tooth whitening, intervention and prevention of gum disease and managing the dental needs of nervous patients.

Born and raised in Adelaide, Serena completed her Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Adelaide in 2017. Serena has a compassionate and gentle approach toward her patients, and enjoys treating people of all ages. She aims to provide a relaxed and educational environment, where patients are comfortable and at ease.

Serena believes that prevention is far superior to a cure and focuses on early intervention and prevention, working closely with patients to ensure optimal oral health.

  • Oral Health Therapist
Bachelor of Oral Health

All about Renee...

Lover of good food, fashion, wine and culture, Renee is a thoughtful, kind and gentle soul who enjoys spending time with her family. Something of a fashionista (and always the one wearing the coolest outfit!) Renee cares enormously about the care of her patients and providing them with an A+ experience with her during your visits. If you're looking for a listening ear, a gentle approach, and someone you'll look forward to seeing again at your next dental visit, Renee is the person for you!

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Oral Health (University of Adelaide).
  • Initiated Student Mentor Program as committee member for University Senior College Old Scholars Association to assist year 11 and 12 students with future career pathways, especially transition to dental/medical tertiary studies.
  • Special interests - Teeth whitening, oral health education and looking after anxious patients.

Renee creates a positive and encouraging setting at every appointment. She has a passion for achieving excellent preventative care for her patients by listening to their individual needs, and providing them with the right tools and education to maintain their best oral health.

Renee is dedicated to her work with patients of all ages, and has a particular interest in managing anxious patients. She believes in working together through dental anxieties by building trust and creating a comfortable and understanding environment where the patient feels reassured and in control.

  • Oral Health Therapist
Bachelor of Oral Health

All about Cindy

With a heart as big as her commitment to becoming your smile’s best friend, Cindy turns each visit into a warm and comforting experience extending beyond the clinic walls. Cindy doesn’t just fix teeth, she creates a vibe where your smile feels at home at each and every visit. Grounded in her caring and empathetic nature, Cindy's approach to dentistry allows patients to bask not only in her professional expertise, but also in the warmth of genuine concern for their well-being.

When she’s not turning frowns upside down in the clinic, you’ll catch Cindy conquering weights at sunrise before most have hit the snooze button, or keeping her legs busy on the weekend exploring new trails. Cindy’s life is a mixtape of gym thrills, late-night indulgences, emotional K-drama roller coasters, and creative reveries that keep her mind and fingers happy.

The Dental Bits

  • Qualification - Bachelor of Oral Health (University of Adelaide)
  • Volunteered in the Community Outreach Dental program to provide dental care for homeless individuals.
  • Special interests: Looking after nervous and anxious patients, tooth whitening.

We are fortunate to have Cindy in the practice to paint gleaming grins on every face she meets!

Advanced Diploma of Oral Health

Taylor followed in her mother's footsteps in working in the dental profession. Taylor has a total of seven years experience working in private dental practice, initially starting off as a dental assistant before being accepted into the dental hygiene course. Taylor is passionate about dental education and getting to know her patients and has a drive for continual learning.

Taylor enjoys playing netball with her sisters, meeting new people and spending time at the Murray River with family and friends.

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