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Teeth Whitening Adelaide

Brighten Your Smile

Our practice allows you the option of both in-chair and take-home whitening systems to brighten your smile. Both options are highly effective, and differ only in the way they are applied. We recommend booking in a consult with one of our clinicians to discuss which method is best for you.

Take home whitening involves two appointments, in the first appointment a mould is taken of your teeth to make customised plastic mouthguards for home treatment, in the second appointment you will receive your mouthguards, your whitening solution, some toothpaste and your instructions.

Before Vs After Teeth Whitening Treatment by our Oral Health Therapist Amy

Dentist approved in chair tooth whitening treatment at our clinic on Fullarton Rd

Dentist Approved Whitening

Our professional take home Teeth Whitening treatment involves wearing a custom made very thin mouthguard which holds the whitening gel on the teeth for an hour or so a day for 1-2 weeks.

Our teeth whitening treatment has many benefits above giving you a bright smile. Take-home kits are a pain-free alternative and you get to control when and where you use it. It’s safe, effective, dentist-approved and cost effective too!

Teeth Whitening Treatment Clinic

It is important to only whiten your teeth under the supervision of a dentist. Cosmetic teeth whitening can be successful and safe, but there are some things you should know about before starting your treatment. We recommend you have a read through the FAQs below, and book in for a general checkup before starting any tooth whitening.


If you would like to brighten your smile, please call (08) 8272 5271 to book an appointment with our team.

As well as being an amazing regular dentist - I see the super caring and informative Dr Greta Filosi - I cannot recommend their teeth whitening highly enough. I have always been a bit self conscious of the shade of my teeth. The very kind Arna took me through an initial consultation and the procedure a few weeks later. She explained everything so clearly and calmly. In just an hour or so, my teeth were quite a few shades lighter. I really could not be happier. I feel much more confident when smiling and having pictures taken. I wish I’d done it sooner!

Frequently Asked Questions

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