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Custom-Made Mouthguard

A professionally made custom mouthguard is a moulded single piece of specially made plastic that covers the teeth and helps distribute force during a hit to the face. According to the Australian Dental Association around one third of traumatic injuries to teeth are sports related. These injuries can consist of broken or chipped teeth, fractures to the jaw and injuries to the soft tissues such as cheeks and lips.

Wearing a custom fitted mouthguard during sports or activities that have the potential of collision or contact with other players or equipment can be an affordable alternative to years of costly repairs and treatment. Our custom-made mouthguards will allow better comfort, more natural breathing and swallowing, normal speech and give the greatest protection over non-custom guards available in stores.

If you or your child need a mouthguard, please don’t hesitate to phone us on (08) 8272 5271.

What Sports do I need a Mouthguard for?

Sports that commonly require players to wear a mouthguard are;

Football (AFL)

Football - icon




basketball - icon


Baseball Softball Tee-ball - icon

Hockey (Field and Ice)

BMX bike riding

BMX - icon

Boxing, MMA wrestling or Martial Arts

Martial Arts - icon


Football - icon

However, there are sports that while not required many participants to choose to wear either for their own (or parents) peace of mind or because they have been advised to by their dentist or sports medicine practitioner. Often this is because of past trauma or treatment especially on a front tooth, or because of a more prominently placed tooth that could be susceptible to a hit.

These lesser known but often recommended sports can include;


Netball - icon

Water Polo

Water Polo - icon

Horse Riding

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Water Polo - icon


squash icon

Extreme sports

Skateboarding or Skating activities

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Water skiing (including knee boarding and wake boarding)

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…and many more.

What is the process to make a Custom Sports Mouthguard?

During you or your child’s first appointment to have a custom mouth guard made, the dental professional will assess for suitability and often ask questions about what type of sport or activity this mouth guard is for. Then we will offer a selection of colours. Often our patients will choose club colours, or show their support for their favourite AFL or Rugby team or even emulate their favourite players choice of mouthguard.

The second part of this appointment is taking an accurate impression of the teeth. This impression material is mostly flavourless and sets quite quickly. This material will be places in a tray that we have chosen to fit over your teeth while allowing the material to press up into the lip space. This will mean the mouthguard will cover not only the visible parts of our teeth but also the roots and surrounding bone. This offers a much greater degree of protection in the instance of a collision or knock to the face.

After we have cleaned up any remaining material, we package this impression to send to a professional Laboratory and we will make an appointment for 2 weeks later to fit the mouthguard. At this second appointment the dental professional will make sure that you or your child can both insert and remove the guard, that it covers at risk teeth well, and that it is comfortable to wear. Sometimes minor alterations are made, but often this is ready to go.

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