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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is also known as Endodontics or Root Canal Therapy.

It is a procedure that removes damaged or diseased tissue from the inside of a tooth, to relieve the pain of toothache or infection.

Inflammation and infection of the pulp may occur following dental decay, deep fillings, cracks or trauma.
If the pulp experiences damage or disease, a tooth may become sensitive to heat or cold ,cause pain, soreness or swelling in nearby gums, become discoloured, or occasionally give no pain at all.

Root Canal Treatment

Irreversible pulp damage can be treated by one of two ways, removing the dead or diseased pulp tissue with root canal treatment or removing the whole tooth. Root canal treatment, where possible, is preferable to tooth removal as it is able to preserve a natural tooth for many years.

Root canal treatment involves drilling a small hole in the top of the tooth and gaining access to the canal space. The dead or dying tissue is removed from the tooth’s root canals, of which there may be more than one. The inside of the tooth then needs to be disinfected before being sealed with a biocompatible filling material and the access hole closed.  Root canal treatment is generally completed over 2-3 appointments. If you think you may need a root canal, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment online or contact Fullarton Park Dental reception.

I saw Dr Greta Filosi for a sore tooth that had been causing pain over a long period of time that turned out I needed a root canal! Greta was fantastic, very informative and was able to answer my questions with enough detail to make me feel extremely comfortable. Throughout the three of my appointments she was absolutely wonderful, I experienced minimal pain and discomfort and had a great patient, relaxed manner. On another note all of the staff I dealt with we're wonderful and extremely helpful. I'd highly recommend Fullarton Park Dental to anyone wanting or needing a great dentist. Five stars.

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