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Wisdom Teeth Removal Adelaide

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the third molars which generally erupt into the mouth around the age of 18-25.

These wisdom teeth are the very last tooth and are situated very far back in the mouth. Subsequently they are very difficult to access. They also have a high tendency to grow sideways which essentially means that they cannot successfully erupt into the mouth.

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Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth

Removing a wisdom tooth is usually a safe and effective way to prevent your symptoms from returning.

Cleaner Teeth

Decay is more common in wisdom teeth because of their position in the back of the mouth. If wisdom teeth get tooth decay, it can be better to extract them.

Less Crowding

The eruption of wisdom teeth can cause rear molars to become misaligned. Removing them increases space and can decrease chances of needing other corrective surgery.

Prevent Oral Issues Escalating.

It is important to have wisdom teeth assessed early in order to prevent problems such as inflammation and gum disease.

Reduce Pain

Wisdom tooth removal may alleviate pressure, while reducing headaches, toothaches, and jaw pain.

I recently had wisdom teeth removed with Dr Michael Filosi. Michael is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in his field, his caring professional manner put me at ease as I was feeling vulnerable in the chair. I was able to trust him completely and this didn’t stop post surgery. I was provided after a take home care package and a follow up phone call, no question was too small and I felt valued and 100% satisfied with the whole experience and outcome.

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