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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Adelaide

Keep your teeth healthy for life. Teeth cleaning is one of the most under-estimated services that we offer. Regular scale and cleans can help to prevent and treat gum disease, bad breath and improve your overall health.

If your gums are unhealthy, they can cause lots of problems, similarly to if your teeth are unhealthy. A lack of professional and good home teeth cleaning can result in a build up of bacteria around your gums. If left untreated, your body tries to get rid of the bacteria itself, and in the process the bones and tissue holding your teeth in place are destroyed. This can result in an abscess, pain and loose teeth, which we can prevent with regular teeth cleaning!

Professional Scale & Clean

At Fullarton Park Dental, the majority of the cleaning done on adult patients is done by a dental hygienist, as they have been specially trained to look after and clean your gums, as well as many other essential preventative dental services. With regular care, we can help you prevent all forms of dental disease, giving you a fresher, healthier mouth and saving you money and time from advanced problems.

Our hygienists use hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers to clean all of the excess tartar off your teeth. In conjunction with the cleaning, you should also expect a comprehensive assessment of your gums, dental advice, fluoride application and x-rays to be taken. This holistic approach to treatment ensures that you can help to keep your teeth for life! Do you want your mouth to feel sparkling clean and fresh? Phone Fullarton Park Dental on (08) 8272 5271 or book an appointment online.

The Hygienist was very informative and Professional. She did a Great job Cleaning my teeth and telling me how to keep them looking Their Best. Also Michael the Dentist explained Everything Thanks

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