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Dentures are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth.

Missing teeth are common among adults and elderly people, and can be caused by various things such as decay, periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, or accidents caused by sport or other injury.

At Fullarton Park Dental we can customise a denture to fit your mouth comfortably. Dentures are made from a plate, metal or acrylic, designed to fit over the bone and soft tissues of your jaw.

Ceramic or acrylic false teeth are attached to the plate, matching any remaining teeth to create as natural a look as possible.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are made prior to the tooth or teeth being removed. These are made when the patient simply can’t afford to be without a tooth or teeth straight after a planned extraction. Implant retained (supported) dentures are possible using the technology of dental implants to secure dentures permanently, so that the denture is very firmly secured to the jaw.

If you are interested in discussing Denture options for your missing teeth or if you have an old Denture which is ill fitting please don’t hesitate to give us call on 08 8272 5271 or submit an enquiry online

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