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Dental Anxiety

Anxious Patients

Dental anxiety is fear, anxiety or stress associated with a dental setting which can contribute to avoidance or delay of dental care.

Has it been a while since you’ve visited the dentist? Are you long overdue for a check-up? We get it.

At Fullarton Park Dental, we understand that receiving dental treatment isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun time – and it’s important to know, you’re not the only one that feels this way.

You can rest assured that at FPD, you will be met with kindness and patience, and the support you need to make your experience at the dentist simple and easy.

Regular check-ups are key to ensuring that little problems don’t turn into big ones. Below are some tips on managing your anxiety at the dentist.

Steps to Take If You're Feeling Anxious

Speak to a member of our Team

If you've been feeling anxious in the lead up to your visit, please don't be afraid to let Reception or your dentist know. Our staff are trained to provide tips to help you at ease and provide you with coping strategies.

Be informed.

Ask questions about your treatment - we can walk you through exactly what will happen. We use the latest dental technology and techniques, making appointments possible with little or no discomfort.

Raise your Hand.

We understand that patients may need a short break during your treatment. This is fine! Just signal to us and we can accommodate. If you are experiencing any pain you can also let us know.

What Patients Say

Extra Tips for Nervous Patients

  • Come in for a chat – having a meet and greet with clinic staff prior to your appointment can help put your fears at ease
  • Practice deep breathing and other relaxation techniques before and during your appointment
  • Bring a friend along for support
  • Listen to your favourite music through headphones during treatment
  • A neck cushion can help you breathe easier, and a blanket over your body can be comforting
  • Simply show up to your first appointment. If it’s been a while in between check-ups, the fear of needing costly and invasive treatment can be really off-putting. The good news is that routine check-ups mean that we can stay on top of these things, and visits to the dentist will be a breeze. While some treatment may be necessary, prevention is the end goal.
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