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we debunk common oral health misconceptions

7 Dental Health Myths & Misconceptions

There are still many misconceptions around dental health, so in this article we aim to shed light on the most common myths we hear about or are asked about at Fullarton Park Dental. Myth 1 – Baby teeth don’t really matter because they fall out anyway It is a common misconception that baby teeth don’t

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We would like to welcome our newest dentist to the team at Fullarton Park Dental

Introducing Dr Greta Filosi

Transcript – Hi everyone, it’s Natalie from Fullarton Park Dental. I’m here with Dr. Greta Filosi, who is Dr. Michael Filosi’s wife and we’re so excited to announce today that Dr. Filosi’s coming on board here from the first of May. – Thanks, Nat. I’m really excited to be joining the team at Fullarton Park

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Should I give my child at manual or electric toothbrush

Should I be giving my child an electric toothbrush?

Finding the right option for your child can be a helpful tool in encouraging them to brush and have good oral hygiene habits. You should begin brushing your child’s teeth for them as soon as the first teeth appear, and continue brushing your child’s teeth until they can do it properly themselves. There are specific

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Coffee with Julia

What is your role at Fullarton Park Dental? I am the Practice Manager at Fullarton Park Dental. I took over the role from Marg when she retired. I have managed a number of private dental practices in Adelaide and the Hills. How long have you been a member of the team? I have been here

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How to Avoid Staining Your Teeth

There are many things that you may not realise are causing your teeth to appear discolored and stained. At Fullarton Park Dental, we want to help you before it becomes a problem for you, so we have listed a few common ways to avoid tooth staining. These tips are also important for people who have

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Coffee with Nat

What is your role at Fullarton Park Dental? My role at Fullarton Park Dental is varied which is part of why I love my job so much. I am primarily a reception staff member but am also able to work as a dental assistant when need be which I also enjoy. In recent times I

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Tips For Brushing Your Teeth

How you brush your teeth matters a great deal and it’s a key message as part of #dentalhealthweek Squeeze a pea-sized blob of toothpaste onto a soft bristled brush. Brush gently using circular motions or hold still on each tooth for 3 seconds if using an electric toothbrush. If you brush too hard it can

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