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Introducing Dr Greta Filosi

We would like to welcome our newest dentist to the team at Fullarton Park Dental


Hi everyone, it’s Natalie from Fullarton Park Dental.

I’m here with Dr. Greta Filosi, who is Dr. Michael Filosi’s wife and we’re so excited to announce today
that Dr. Filosi’s coming on board here from the first of May.

– Thanks, Nat. I’m really excited to be joining the team at Fullarton Park Dental.

Michael and I met at university and we finished our dental degree at Adelaide in 2006.

And we did travel a little bit interstate, and moved around for a couple of years and then we’re now based in Adelaide for the last eight years or so.

We have a little, gorgeous little two-year-old girl, called Sasha who keeps us very busy.

When I do get a little bit of spare time, I really love art, so I enjoy painting, handmade jewellery and reading.

Thanks, Greta. So as I said, Greta’s here from the 1st of May, so you might see her the next time you pop in.

Professional Biography:
Dr Greta Filosi (Schulz)


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