Fluoride Treatment


Fluoride Treatment

Tooth Decay is caused by acid-producing bacteria which collect around the teeth in a sticky film called plaque.

Without good daily oral hygiene and regular dental visits, teeth become more vulnerable to decay. Brushing twice a day and flossing help remove plaque and regular dental examinations and hygiene visits are also important for keeping teeth healthy.

Another key to good oral health is fluoride, a mineral which helps prevent decay and can repair teeth in the very early, microscopic stages.

Topical fluorides are applied directly to the tooth enamel, this can be done via a fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse or as an application or polish by your dentist or hygienist.

If you are interested in Fluoride Treatment please don’t hesitate to give Fullarton Park Dental a call on (08) 8272 5271. We are located at 417 Fullarton Rd in Highgate.

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