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What happens when you keep putting off a visit to the dentist?

What Happens When You Keep Putting Off A Visit To The Dentist?

Video Transcript
Hi, my name is Michael Filosi and I’m one of the dentists at Fullarton Park Dental. I’m doing a video today as part of our series. I’m actually the only one here. So it’s the weekend, just tying up a few loose ends.And it’s all very quiet, so I thought it’s a nice chance to do a little video.

I thought I’d do one today on why go to the dentist when if you’re not having any troubles, or why if things aren’t hurting. And broadly speaking, you go to the dentist to stop things from hurting. By the time things hurt, it tends to be a bigger deal So if you attend more regularly, what you’ll end up doing is you’ll do two things you’ll keep your mouth nice and healthy for one, which is the main thing, and you’ll reduce your future dental expenses as well because any troubles that you have are picked up sooner rather than later. So it becomes a small job to fix rather than a big one.

It’s a bit like your car I’d guess. If you get your car serviced fairly regularly it ends up, any maintenance that needs doing gets done and it’s pretty easy to do. Whereas, if you run your car into the ground and it ends up being a smoking mass on the side of the road, it’s a bigger job to get fixed and ends up being more expensive as well.

So, in terms of your teeth, broadly, we’ve got two types of patients, those that come in regularly and they end up keeping their teeth for life, because any problems they have are prevented or fixed when it’s only a very small problem. Then we’ve got those who are what we call pain based attenders, which is not ideal. They come in just when things hurt. They end up needing more comprehensive treatment, bigger treatment, losing teeth and having bigger procedures, which in the long run is no good, because the more tooth and tooth structure you lose, yeah, you’re poorer for it. So, it doesn’t grow back unfortunately.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, hopefully this will give you a bit of a kick along to make a time. So yeah, I’m Michael from Fullarton Park Dental. If you’ve got any other questions let me know, otherwise, we’ll see you in the next video. Take care, bye.


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