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The Fullarton Park Dental team is growing in 2020

Video Transcript
Hi, it’s Michael here from Fullarton Park Dental. Just was going to do a little video because we got some quite exciting news that we’ve got a new dentist joining us next year which we’re really, really thrilled about and excited about.

His name is Dr Samuel Law and he will be working really closely with myself, Andrew and Greta. We’re at a point where we’re getting really, really busy which is terrific, and we, it’s time that we have someone else help, come in to help look after our patients and yeah we’re really excited to have Samuel join us.

He is an excellent dentist and he’s a really lovely guy, which is super important and he will be working really closely with us. He’s going get started in the new year so stay tuned and yeah, I’m sure you’ll see him here next time you’re in for your appointment. Have a lovely day we’ll, we’ll see you next time. Take care. Bye.


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