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10 Fun Facts

  • Did you know Fullarton Park Dental started the same week as a significant Australian political event?

    The first day of Fullarton Park Dental was 5th of November 1975, and a mere 6 days later Gough Whitlam, Australian Prime Minister at the time was dismissed. The two inaugural dentists Dr Jeff Parham and Dr Tom Wilkinson recall listening to the events on the radio just one week in!

  • Did you know that having an unhealthy mouth has significant effects on the rest of your body?

    There is a very strong link between your overall health and your oral health. There are numerous studies which have identified that those with poor oral health have a much higher risk of cardiac disease (heart attacks) and stroke as well compared to those with a healthy mouth. Ask us for more details next time you are in.

  • Did you know that Fullarton Park Dental sees kids for preventative services (exams, x-rays, cleans, fluoride) at no gap for those with private health insurance?

    We feel it is important that young ones get their dental health off to a great start. That’s why we bulk bill those under 18 with private health insurance cover for their exams, cleans, fluoride treatment and any x-rays required. Book a time for your little ones now.

  • Did you know that FPD is one of the few dental practices in Adelaide which is Autism friendly?

    At Fullarton Park Dental we are very proud to be one of the few Autism friendly dental practices in Adelaide. It means that some patients with differentiated needs are able to be managed by us on site rather than need to go elsewhere or see a specialist, and we are very proud to offer this level of care.

  • Did you know that Fullarton Park Dental is LGBTQI+ friendly?

    Fullarton Park Dental is proudly LGBTQI+ friendly :rainbow-flag:

  • Did you know we offer free teeth whitening consultations?

    For a free tooth whitening consultation, please give our friendly reception team a call and we can organise a time with one of our dental hygienists to discuss the best options to whiten your teeth.

  • Did you know that Fullarton Park Dental will soon be building up and adding on a second story?

    Only joking! We have all had enough of building works for a while and just want to enjoy the new setup for a while. Although you never know what the future holds!

  • Did you know which Fullarton Park Dental team member can do a headstand?

    It’s Vishu, one of our talented dental hygienists.

  • Did you know that we now have a new type of x-ray machine on site now called an OPG?

    We’ve recently installed an orthopantomograph (or OPG for short) on site. This means that patients requiring this type of x-ray (such as for wisdom teeth assessment, periodontal health assessment and orthodontic screening) can now have this done on site at Fullarton Park Dental rather than be referred off to a radiology practice.

  • Did you know that Fullarton Park Dental is proudly family owned?

    We employ locals and don’t have a corporate ownership or any interstate headquarters. We are proudly a local family owned and run business that employs local Adelaide residents and reinvests back into the local community and economy.


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