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Healthy Gums Don’t Bleed

Video Transcript
Hi, it’s Michael here from Fullarton Park Dental. I thought I’d do a video today, something we get asked a lot is why do your gums bleed when you brush them or floss them or look after them?

And there can be a few different reasons but the main one, it means that you’ve got what’s called gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums and the tissues around your teeth because you’ve got a whole lot of plaque build-up there.

So what happens is the bacteria basically grab onto the teeth and then your gums can sense it as being foreign, and then the gums will start to become very puffy, red, inflamed and start to bleed which is no good.

And if the gum disease is left like that, over time, the bone will start to shrink away around your teeth and you start to get wobbly teeth which causes a lot of problems in your mouth, and also those bacteria get into your bloodstream and go round the rest of your body as well, which is bad news.

So how to help to overcome that, so look after your teeth really well at home, brush them, floss them, but if you’re getting to a point when you do have some bleeding that’s quite routine in your mouth and you’re noticing it more than once, it really is worth getting to your dentist, seeing a hygienist to have your teeth cleaned up really nicely and have a chat to them about how to look after them better so you can get on top of things.

My name’s Michael from Fullarton Park Dental. We’ll see you next time, bye.


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