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Tooth Sensitivity

Hi everyone, It's Arna from Fullarton Park Dental.

I was wanting to share some information with you in regards to tooth sensitivity.

Now there are different degrees of tooth sensitivity that people can occur.

Some people, it can be acute.

Some people, it can be chronic.

Reasons as to why tooth sensitivity can occur is frequent intake of acidic foods, which causes enamel to wear down.

Some people naturally have a thinner layer of enamel which can result in tooth sensitivity as well.

Brushing vigorously with a medium or coarse-bristled toothbrush can also cause the enamel to eventually wear away after time and also the gums to recede.

This can also result in tooth sensitivity.

Ways to combat tooth sensitivity there is to use Sensodyne toothpaste.

This is one I recommend to some of my patients who are experiencing tooth sensitivity.

It can be used as a topical application which means you can take a pea-size amount onto your finger.

And you can rub it into the teeth or the gums where you may be feeling a bit of sensitivity.

Thank you for listening.


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