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We’re Back!

Video Transcript

Hi it’s Michael here from Fullarton Park Dental.

We just wanted to pass on some news from our end.

You may have heard Scott Morrison just on the TV and the radio that dentistry we’re not quite going to be back to normal on Monday, 27th of April but it will be pretty close to it meaning if you’ve got any pain, discomfort, or anything that was due to be done or for your regular hygiene cleans, we can now go back to doing those as well.

So yeah really happy to see you.

Please touch base with us.

If you had an appointment that you had to reschedule or that we’ve rescheduled, you’ll be hearing from the girls shortly and otherwise, please feel free to give us a call.

We’re all set to go and the appointment books are back open.

Again, if you have a tooth that’s nagging you or a concern or you know you’re overdue or you’ve broken something, and you’re keen to get it looked at, please give us a call 8272 5271.

We’ve been busy little beavers here.

You’ll see just behind me here, that’s Andrew’s chair, so it’s gone from the blue beast to the green machine so we’re all set to go.

He’s actually at his farm at the moment, so he’s going to have a new, cool looking chair when he comes back which is pretty exciting.

Hope you’re all well and staying safe.

Michael here from Fullarton Park Dental just letting you know as of Monday 27th of April, we’ll be able to start seeing our patients on a much more regular basis and start to get back into what amounts to basically being the swing of things.

So, talk to you then!

Okay, see you. Bye!


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