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Same Day Crowns

Cerec same day crown

What is a same day crown?

A “same day crown” or what is often called a CEREC crown is usually a ceramic, zirconia or porcelain prosthetic to replace or repair a tooth. The process uses a digital scan of the prepared teeth to design a crown (or filling, veneer, bridge etc) and mill from a block of material. This usually takes 1-2 hours and can be fitted directly on the prepared tooth.

Are same day crowns the same as quality as lab made crowns?

Lab made crowns offer the same quality and longevity as same day or “in house” crowns. Sometimes a dental professional will use a lab if they need a more unique colour match or have concerns that might not be able to be addressed with the milling of the same day crown even if they have invested in the programs and equipment to supply them. There is a limit to the number of materials available to use for a same day crown and sometimes a lab will be used to supply a crown of a different material, for example; gold.

What is the benefit of a same day crown?

A same day crown’s real benefit comes from the one thing that sets it apart… Its ability to be placed in most cases within one day. With a lab created crown there is a turnaround time of approximately 10-14 days and a tooth-coloured temporary will be placed while you wait. In almost all instances this temporary is more than adequate to handle this turnaround time and is easily removed when your crown arrives.

What is the process for same day and Lab made crowns?

The tooth preparation is very similar for both types of crowns, veneers or bridges. For a lab made crown an impression is taken to send to the lab, where as for a same day crown this “impression” will be a digital scan. A temporary crown will be fitted if a lab made crown is ordered, this would not be required for a same day crown. The fitting of both same day and lab made is also almost identical.

Do you do same day crowns at Fullarton Park Dental?

At this stage, no. We have a strong relationship with our local Adelaide dental laboratory and trust their craftmanship a great deal and feel, at this point, that it surpasses the results available from same day crowns. If as technology advances we do start creating same day crowns we would continue to use these same excellent dental technicians for any crowns we felt needed that extra attention and of course for all of the other work they provide such as dentures and removable appliances like night guards or retainers.


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