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3 Options for Replacing Missing Teeth and Closing Gaps

Video Transcript

Hi everyone it’s Dr Samuel here from Fullarton Park Dental.

I’m one of the dentists working here in this practice.

A question that we get quite often is “How do I replace this gap in my mouth?”

So essentially in replacing gaps in the mouth we essentially have three options there.

So firstly it’s a dental implant.

So an implant is basically a screw which is integrated within the bones which replaces a root of the teeth.

Then after that we’ll pop a crown on the top of that implant and that becomes a tooth replacing a gap.

The second option that you can think of is a crown and bridge.

So a bridge essentially has two abutments two crowns on the two teeth next door and then a fake tooth attached to that whole unit together that essentially replaces that gap in the middle as well.

The third and last option is a denture.

So a denture is like a removable appliance where you pop in and pop out and you have to clean the denture as well.

If you do have any gaps in your mouth and if you are looking for some replacement for the gaps feel free to visit us and book an appointment with us.

All of these options have their own risks and benefits.

So it’s important to consult your dentist before deciding on them.

If you enjoyed my video and if you find it informative, do leave a comment below.

If you have any questions as well do leave a comment below or give us a call at 8272 5271.

Thanks, bye.


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