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Family Dentistry


Family Dentistry

Finding the right family dentist for you and your kids goes a long way to ensuring great oral care for you and your family.

At Fullarton Park Dental we are very proudly a family dental practice. We look after patients of all ages and enjoy seeing familiar faces of families who we have looked after over many years. We consider ourselves fortunate to have looked after three or even four generations of a family’s dental needs over the years!

Fullarton Park Dental addresses the oral health needs of our patients at every stage of life and every stage of dental development. Children have different dental needs than adults, and we provide comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages.

Our team of friendly clinicians and staff enjoy seeing patients of all ages, and are qualified to provide the necessary treatment and oral care to baby teeth in kids as well as permanent teeth in adults, and the mixed dentition stage when there is a combination of baby and adult teeth in the mouth.

Every child is unique, however generally from the age of three onwards it is beneficial for a child to visit the dentist. Dental visits from a young age can help to identify early problems before they become too serious. We take enormous care and pride in making sure every dental visit is a positive one, and this is never more important than during a child’s first dental visit.

At Fullarton Park Dental we make sure that you and your family feel very comfortable visiting the dentist and love seeing little ones leave with a smile on their face!

Having your child become accustomed to visiting the dentist from an early age also helps them become more comfortable in the dental setting, which goes a long way to making sure that dental visits are positive experiences throughout their life. Kids accustomed to visiting their friendly family dentist grow up comfortable and confident about visiting the dentist and motivated to maintain their teeth in the best possible health as they get older via regular visits to the dentist.

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