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Dental Check-ups and Examinations

At Fullarton Park Dental we are all about prevention which is why we recommend a check-up and clean every six months.

Much of your routine dental check-up will be spent on a thorough examination of your whole mouth, focussing on your teeth, gums and signs of any oral diseases. The objective of this is to identify changes or the onset of oral health problems as early as possible.

A thorough scale and clean of your teeth either with your Dentist or a hygienist goes hand-in- hand with regular dental check-ups. An ultrasonic dental instrument is used to gently remove tartar that builds up on your teeth. After this, we carefully polish with a rubber brush that gently rotates to remove any further plaque and stains.

Dental radiographs are an important diagnostic tool and these should be taken every two years so the Dentist  can check in between the teeth where we cannot see.


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